Do you remember that person you met who instantly made you feel excited about life again? Who made you feel squishy in places? Made you fantasize about living together, eating breakfast in bed, touching, kissing, laughing, reading, just being in their presence and in service of that person to make them happy because its a… Continue reading Smitten.

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New Years Resolution

I know it seems late, but this blog is right on time. Right now we are entering the zone (February) where I suspect, most people are either; over it, going strong, changed some aspects of the plan or just ain't bothered. Whichever stage you are at. I applaud you. Sounds strange but here is the… Continue reading New Years Resolution

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Things I would tell my 24 year old self

This was a challenge I wondered about. I actually asked myself what was the sense of it?The reason this challenge was so unreal to me was the very reason that you cannot go back to your 24 year old self and change a thing, so why look back. Keep moving on. However, as I looked… Continue reading Things I would tell my 24 year old self